Do you want a simpler, more organized home and life?


Work with a professional organizer and a motivated squad now to achieve that life.

Most of us can use help and encouragement when it comes to getting and staying organized. 

It's not easy to declutter and organize on your own in the midst of everything life throws at you.


I'm a professional organizer, mother of three and have moved into 25 homes all around the world. 

I have seen and organized it all.  I know I can help.

I am committed to helping you find the solutions that work for your unique space, unique life and your budget.

What is the Simple Organization Squad?


You'll work with a professional organizer and a squad of motivated members to declutter and organize a new space each month. You'll work in a private Facebook group set up just for the SOS Squad. This allows you to have access to all the resources and to engage with group members anytime and anywhere.

You'll get:

  • Simple, practical tips that busy people can accomplish each month. Really.
  • Checklists and resources to help you organize each new space.
  • Both the best products and budget-friendly hacks for organizing solutions.
  • Interaction with a professional organizer and the support of likeminded group members.
  • Video explanations, encouragement and tips.

Life is busy and chaotic. You need simple tips and ideas that you can really set up and use.


You live in a real home that requires practical organizing systems that really work (and don't just look good in a photo).


You want both budget-friendly and high-end organizing ideas. You're in charge. You choose what works for you and your budget.


You need organizing ideas that you can customize for your unique space and personal life situation.

What would it cost you to work with a professional organizer?

Working with a professional organizer one-on-one can cost you from $50 an hour to $250 or even more an hour! That means that a small 4-hour task will cost you $200! That's for just one session.

And you have to adjust your schedule to match their availability!


Susan is a professional organizer, parent educator and mother of three.

She grew up as a military child, served on active duty and is now the spouse of an active duty military member. Thanks to the military she has moved into and organized 20+ homes of all shapes and sizes all over the world.

He goal is to help you achieve the space and time in your life to do what's important to you in a space that you're proud of.

She focuses on simple and effective steps to declutter and organize for busy people. She also offers cost-effective solutions whenever possible. 

Organized 31


Simple Organization 


  One Space a Month

Each month we'll declutter and organize a new space together with step-by-step instructions.

Instructions, checklists and videos walk you through organizing each space.

  Decluttering Tips

Decluttering tips that you can break into smaller daily tasks to fit into your busy schedule. Specific tips for handling decluttering pitfalls and challenges.

  Organizing Tips

Specific organizing tips for each space, including recommended products and budget-friendly options.

Founding Member

Join now and become a founding member of the Simple Organization Squad. As a Founding Member, you  receive this special membership pricing and the opportunity to influence the format and content of the Squad.

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Save 31% or $93 off the monthly rate. 


What our Clients Say

Thank you so very much for your help today.  You were everything that C. said (organized, calm, compassionate, knowledgeable, and more) and that was the best $$ I have spent in ages! ”  


“I can’t thank Susan enough for her help when we moved it was overwhelming.  There was stuff everywhere and I didn’t know where to start.  Susan started in the kitchen.  Rather than do it all for me, she taught me how to choose what went where based on what I found functional.  She said, “Think about where you want something to be when you need it.”  She had me setting up my kitchen (with her at my side) in no time.  She also taught me to just get rid of the duplicates of kitchen utensils that sit unused. The kitchen is still set up the way it was when Susan left and I have never seen a need to change it.  I used that method throughout each room.  If I were looking for something, where would I naturally go? What did I need within reach? Where would the kids put their school stuff in their new home?”


“Susan has helped me with several spaces in my home including my kitchen cabinets and pantry. What I use is now at the front of every cabinet. Each session has made me assess my belongings and bring what I really need and use into focus. Susan has started assisting me with saved and stored items in my basement that have been in boxes from 15 years of moving. I have been able to reorganize treasured items and let go of things just taking up much needed storage space.” 

Frequently Asked Questions

What spaces will we work on each month?

  We will work on a new space each month, with a focus on the common problem areas: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, garage, sentimental items, clothing, children's items, time management, and more.

What do I do if I don't need to work on that area?

There will always be resources available to work on other areas. You can also ask for help and advice in the group for your own projects.

Do I have to work at set times or complete tasks by a certain time?

No, the tasks are designed for you to accomplish on your own schedule.

What happens if I don't finish the tasks?

As long as you're a member, you will have access to the resources and can always come back to the tasks when you have time.

Do I have to show before and after photos?

You never have to show photos of your spaces. You may find it helpful to share photos so that we can provide specific suggestions, but that is always your choice. And, of course, if you'd like to share after photos, we will all be excited to celebrate with you.

How often can I ask questions?

You can ask questions at anytime. Questions will be answered in at least 24-hours and most often much sooner.